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Welcome to the best online resource for getting you through the first step in a commercial driving career “Your learner’s permit”. For most people reading complicated, unorganized manuals can be a real challenge and even frustrating. I have simplified this process in an easy to understand, intuitive and friendly format.

Our Mission

We want to help everyone who has struggled with the commercial drivers learner’s permit testing . Those that may have lost their motivation because they couldn’t get through the technical language in the manual. We want to help those that are making a career change or wanting better income or schedule flexibility with CDL Training Online in Maryland.

Our promise to you is that our instructors and Study Guide for CDL Permit Test will help you achieve this goal. No matter where you are in life we can help you get through the first step in obtaining a commercial drivers license.

What makes us different?

We have the experience

  • State certified instructors with years of on-line classroom experience.

We provide the content

  • Our self-study courses materials are created using the official state manuals and live trainings.

We have the proof

  • We teach Cdl classes for a living and are actively involved with students in live classrooms
  • We treat every student with respect no matter how long they have been out of school or language barrier
  • We have built this training course from the ground up paying attention to the details
  • Our students are the reason we continue to grow. You can believe what they say
  • We have a on-line school environment not just downloadable manuals or “cheat sheets”
  • We provide tools to track your progress and provide a certificate of accomplishment

How we prepare you

  • Study more effectively

    Don’t want to use the manual “No Problem” Our self-study lessons have the cdl manual built right in . With a click of a button you have access to the manual, it’s that easy.

  • Skip the unnecessary

    Now you can concentrate on the lesson not reading through technical terms Learn the necessary information that way you can spend your valuable time on the topics that actually appear on your test.

    Skip the unnecessary

  • We break it down for you

    In micro-learning information that is broken down into smaller pieces is retained more efficiently. Our self-study lessons are divide into smaller groups of lessons. This keeps you from being overwhelmed and better prepared.

What do I need to do?


We provide you instructor led video lessons explaining all the details in the CDL manual so you don’t have do read the complicated manual.


Get hands on experience with our practice tests. They cover everything you need to know for the live test.


After having practiced, schedule your DMV test and be ready to pass on your first attempt.

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  • 49$
  • Over 14 Tests
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  • 79$
  • Over 14 Tests
  • Companion Workbook
  • Video Lessons Included

  • 99$
  • 30 day subsciption to all Testing Material, Video Lessons and Workbooks
  • Companion Workbook
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Frequently asked questions

Once you sign up for the online classes you will be sent the enrollment information. There you will be
able to check class availability to fit your schedule

Class Structure: Classes are usually up to six hours. These hours are split up in two days. Example
Class A – Mon& Wed at 6:00Pm eastern time. During that time, we will cover:

General Knowledge
Combination Vehicles

Depending on the class need we may cover other endorsements if time permits.

Once you have signed up for either the online instructor or the self-study course you will
have access to all the online study material immediately.

Online class are non-refundable. If you wish to change the class date you
can send an email to [email protected] and we will look for another
date that works for you.

The certificate of participation is used as an indication that you have
completed all necessary requirements and are ready for the live test
at the department of motor vehicles. You will have to physically take
the test this will not substitute the learner’s permit.

To obtain your CDL, you need to pass the knowledge tests with a score of 80% or better, followed by a skills test. You can take the knowledge test at most driver license office locations and typically need to schedule a skills test in advance. Plan on 1.5 – 2 hours for the knowledge test and 2 hours for the skills test.


The CDL manual has 10 sections that you may be tested on to obtain your commercial license. The sections you need
to study are dependent on the Class of license you are applying for.


After passing your knowledge tests, you can then schedule a skills test. The skills test consists of:

  • Pre-trip inspection test
  • Basic control skills test
  • Road test

You will take these tests for the type of vehicles you will be driving.

In accordance with the licensing requirements of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act, the license classifications are:

CLASS A – combination vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more, provided the gross vehicle weight rating of the vehicle being towed is more than 10,000 pounds.

CLASS B – single vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more, or any such vehicle towing a vehicle not more than 10,000 pounds.

CLASS C – single vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 26,001 pounds if the vehicle is: transporting hazardous materials requiring placarding; is designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver; or, is a school bus.

In most cases the test is in English, although there are some manuals in other languages. You will have check with your local department of motor vehicles.

It is not uncommon for students to fail the cdl learner’s permit test. You should never be discouraged
even though it might seem like a major setback. The re-take policy will vary from state to state. Sometimes

You may have to wait as little as a couple of days or more. Check with your local department of vehicles.

The CLP will be valid for one hundred eighty (180) days and may be renewed one (1) time without requiring the permit holder to retake and pass the required knowledge tests for that class of permit. The current amendment states that the CLP must be valid for no more than one year from the initial date of issuance without requiring the CLP holder to retake the general and endorsement knowledge tests. CLPs issued for a period of less than one year may be renewed provided the CLP is not valid for more than one year from the date of initial issuance. This rule does not require a State to revise its current CLP issuance practices unless it chooses to do so.

Endorsement means an authorization to a person to operate certain types of commercial motor vehicles.

For example (p) endorsement means you can transport passenger.

(S) endorsement means you can drive a school bus. You are also required to have the(P) endorsement to drive school buses.

Any person who is a habitual user of alcoholic beverages or is addicted to the use of narcotic drugs;
• Any person whose license is under suspension, revocation, cancellation, expiration, disqualification or in violation of an out-of-service violation.
• Any person whom the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles has good cause to believe would be hazardous
to public safety or welfare when operating a motor vehicle;
• Any person who is required to deposit proof of financial responsibility or proof of motor vehicle compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance, and who has not deposited such proof;
• Any person who is disqualified from operating a CMV in any state or jurisdiction, until the expiration of
the disqualification period;

Commercial Driver’s License Types/Classes

There are three types of CDLs: CLASS A, B, and C. The holder of a valid CDL may drive all vehicles for which their license is issued, all lesser classes of vehicles, and any CMV which requires an endorsement that appears on their CDL.

CLASS A – Combination of vehicles with a GCWR of 26,001 pounds or more, provided the GVWR of the unit being towed is 10,001 pounds or greater.

– Single vehicles with a GVWR of 26,001 pounds or more and towing any such unit with a GVWR less than 10,001 pounds.

– Vehicles with a GVWR or a GCWR less than 26,001 pounds and designed to transport 16 or more passengers including the driver, or vehicles used in the transportation of hazardous materials which requires the vehicle to be placarded under 49 C.F.R.

What users are saying

Great teacher! When I first came this class, I was unsure of EVERYTHING! But Mr. Eli made it possible. He takes his time with every single lesson so that everyone is on board. I never thought I could get my Cdl permit until I came to this class. I recommend this class for anyone looking to obtain a school bus permit.

Instructor Elionay was the best instructor I’ve had thus far! Hands down he is excellent at what he does. I was more than prepared to take and pass my General Knowledge and all three endorsement tests on the very first try!!

This class was very over whelming. So much information all at once. However, with the best teacher I have ever had. Elionay. He made it easy to understand something that I thought would be impossible. I appreciate the time he took explaining everything to us.

I was trying pass the general knowledge 6 times in the pass by myself, but with amazing instructor I passed in the first attempt Thanks Mr. Elionay for the great course.

I didn’t even look at the learner’s permit book. I just followed his literature and then took the test. He made it so easy to understand with his program, that you will easily pass the test. He is passionate about his students. Thank you Elionay for your great help and support.

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Cdl Instructor

Hello my name is Elionay Imbert. I currently live in Maryland . I am certified by the Maryland State Department of Education to provide classroom instruction for prospective school bus drivers. My experience includes extensive teaching of the content required to obtain a commercial learner’s permit. I’m also experienced in behind the wheel training and pre-trip inspection of a school bus.

I have combined the classroom and field experience to create an internet- based training program that is easily accessible from anywhere. This website contains all the information necessary to successfully pass
the CDL learners permit, plus many additional resources to facilitate the online learning experience. You will find interactive lessons with real-life situations that will test your knowledge and provide automatic feedback, to make studying for your CDL learners permit and enjoyable journey.