Is it the right time to change your career? – Here are five signs to help you decide!

Lockdown has changed our relationship with work. For many of us, the way of pursuing our passion has changed. An analysis shows that the Google search “I want a new job” rose by 194% during the lockdown. Experts say that we change jobs almost 15 times throughout our career and switch career paths five times. We all are facing a major recession and there is uncertainty about the future. So the question must be hitting your mind, is it the right time to change your career? If you feel that you need to change your job, then don’t rush into it. Take your time to think before you take any drastic action. Most important of all, ensure that with this move, you are solving your problem. Many people see a career switch as a solution to all kinds of issues, from difficulties in life outside of work to bad bosses. But unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has made this landscape more confusing. There is one positive aspect of lockdown that has brought a change in work lifestyle; now, people have a clear vision of their career progression.

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Sometimes you end up following the wrong career path, and it takes someone else who’s objective enough to point it out to you. Here we are listing five prominent points that will help you decide if you need to change jobs right now:

1. Restless lifestyle

Most people have a stressful work life. They bring their office home along with them. If you are among those people who are taking working-related stress to their bed every night and losing your sleep, then it may be the time to rethink your role. If you are making a concerted effort to give your brain rest to relieve the pressure, then seriously, it is time for you to make a change.

2. Money is the only motivation for work

Money can do lots of great things in your life, and a lack of money can create stress. Most people look for job satisfaction for camaraderie, creating value, and self-growth. But if you find there is no real satisfaction in pursuing this activity, then you may need to change your path.

3. Every email you receive sounds condescending or sarcastic

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Whenever you receive an email, you find something wrong. Have you entirely lost your perspective in terms of communication within the company? You are giving the benefit of the doubt to others that they are pleasant and honest. It is an alarming state, as email is a great barometer since it doesn’t reflect any tone or emotion. It reflects your negative or positive feeling when you read it. So try to learn everything positively and see if your communication improves. However, if you still feel insulted, then you are free to move on.

4. No light at the end of the long tunnel

What do you see if you think about the future of your career? Are you excited about the big bonus, retirement, or exit plan? Is all you see a straight and long road without an end? If you are afraid that the company policies will remain the same, and that relationship dynamics will continue to be dysfunctional as everyone prioritizes maintaining the business, then it is time for you to make the change.